Working at PRODYNA
Spread over several countries, office locations and even more project locations, numerous employees work in diverse customer projects. Despite different cultures, languages or career focuses we have a common vision: Bringing our customer’s projects to success and developing user-friendly software. We place great emphasis on close relationships with our customers, employees and partners in the open source environment.
Corporate Culture
We associate the name PRODYNA with professionalism and dynamic. But the name also hides the core statements of our corporate philosophy: That by which we are characterized and what our employees appreciate about us.

Our professionalism demonstrates itself in our clear, structured procedures in projects: through the application of procedure models, the compliance with quality standards and the high demands for documentation and concepts. It is also reflected in our experience with large-scale projects and in the high investment into our staff's further training. We take a professional attitude and behaviour of our employees, when dealing with customers and colleagues, for granted.

We offer a philosophy with clear structures: in a competence-oriented matrix organization that depicts for every employee who is an expert in which area. This also includes involving clients and staff into project processes (Confluence, JIRA), so that everybody knows the actual project status.

Our corporation is characterized by flat hierarchies. Changing project teams and intensive exchange of know-how is the base for good teamwork beyond project barriers. Our dynamic Solution Center and specialist areas combine employees of different seniorities and project teams and ensure project independent communication and cooperation – based on appreciation and respect.

Further training
High investment into the further training of our employees ensures their individual opportunities for development and our long-term leadership in the area of Java Enterprise technologies. We ensure these through the PRODYNA Academy.

Since our technological environment is characterized by strong transformation processes and further development, we put strong emphasis on intensive internal communication and short communication channels. We ensure the latter through Instant Messaging, a dynamic intranet (Confluence, JIRA) and the respective working equipment for our employees.

Trust constitutes an integral part of a solid, continuous cooperation. We see clients and employees as our long-term partners. For us, far-sighted and responsible acting in accordance with our clients‘ and our employees‘ requirements, as well as absolute reliability, go without saying.

In order to realize the best possible solutions for our clients, we expect and reward the proactivity of our employees. We explicitly wish for the acceptance of responsibility, be it within the company and its internal structure, or through recognizing and seizing project opportunities.
Social Benefits
Working with PRODYNA is like working with good friends. The corporate culture is based on community spirit, passion and joy in what we do. We expect a lot from our employees – high-quality software, professional appearance, dedication and ideas. An environment in which everyone feels comfortable is the best way to reach it.

For this reason, our social benefits are multifaceted, so that everyone can feel comfortable and we can grow together to be successful.

Living healthy
We at PRODYNA love sports. There are colleagues at every location who meet after work for sports and do something for their work-life-balance. Every year we participate in a marathon in a major European city, go on hiking tours, take part in the Tough Mudder or develop other exciting events. Besides doing something for our fitness we bring team spirit to all our colleagues. Opening up new horizons together and enjoying the feeling of being able to deal with everything – this is something we are very proud of at PRODYNA.

Our offices
Our staff find everything they need to feel good in our offices in Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. Light and friendly offices as well as hot and cold drinks are at the staff´s disposal. Our offices are centrally located, so they can be easily reached. PRODYNA offers parking spaces for our employees. PRODYNA offers further benefits like dry cleaning, exercise equipment for use in the breaks as well as cozy sofa corners on our roof terraces.

To take the travel to our projects as pleasant as possible PRODYNA takes care of it. This can be a railway pass, a monthly ticket or even a company car. The cars are usually Audi or BMW.

PRODYNA provides project apartments and other attractive benefits if your next project is in another city or even abroad.

Work Equipment
Through PRODYNA´s excellent work equipment we achieve flexibility on various projects and with various customers. This includes laptops and smartphones, both privately and for work related reasons. If something else is needed for a customer project, our Application Management team provides everything that is necessary.

Employee services
Want to change your location or do you need to move? Our Office Management team would like to assist you in moving and finding a new apartment. All project-related travel bookings are centrally booked by our travel management. To ensure that no disadvantages arise in the case of small business expenses, PRODYNA provides its employees with a corporate credit card.

For the family
We at PRODYNA are networked across many locations. Co-workers tend to know each other both privately as well as professionally very well. Therefore, we care greatly about the well-being of your family. Once a year, we celebrate a large summer party with friends, families and children. And we were proud to celebrate together with 130 of our colleagues´ children last year.

But of course we also help towards the cost of family life. We support our employees in the cost of their kindergarten and day care places.

Employee development
PRODYNA invests a lot in the training of our employees. We appreciate the thirst for knowledge of our colleagues, which often goes beyond the actual project activities. In addition to trainings of our academy, an in-house library and various journals, we are members of the Java User Group. We offer our employees support and a working time model that fits to a master's program.

Safety and Future
In Germany we offer our employees a company pension scheme at our partner alliance, an accident insurance that covers all private aspects and the opportunity to take out disability insurance with company rates.

In Switzerland, the company pension and the accident insurance with coverage of personal and work accidents for all employees are mandatory.
Employee Events
Peak Challenge
PRODYNA seeks to challenge it´s employees with special adventures. Since 2008 we are offering the legendary PRODYNA Peak Challenge – one year as a summer version with via ferratas or glacier climbing, the other year as a winter version with ski touring and snowshoe hiking.

The Peak Challenge always leads us into high alpine terrain and is a borderline experience for most participants. But safety first- we make sure that all participants meet certain basic requirements. However, we want as many colleagues to get the chance to experience the Peak Challenge and offer preparation events throughout the year.

PRODYNA Challenge
Each year the PRODYNA management is announcing a corporate challenge. Including 2017 the challenge has been traditionally a marathon or half-marathon. Since 2018 the running track has been reduced to a marathon. PRODYNA employees are encouraged to give their commitment to participate at the beginning of the year. But the challenge is more than the event itself. The idea is to build motivation for regular training and stay focused and disciplined over months. The preparation with colleagues is the core of the Challenge. The highlight and reward for the intense training is a common Marathon-Weekend at the end of the year in southern Europe.

Business Runs
PRODYNA tries to motivate it´s employees to an active lifestyle. We participate regularly in business runs at all our company locations. The sportive performance is not priority at these events and the running distances are also friendly for non-athletes. As an extra motivational boost we combine the running part with fun and organize barbecue evenings after the races.
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