Data integration, data quality, master data management, process modelling and enterprise service bus. With the Talend Unified Platform, companies can conduct very different integration activities and practices through a set of consistent products, tools and best practices. Based on the leading open source technologies, the Talend Unified Platform features unified functions for graphical tools, repositories, deployment, execution and monitoring allowing you to take advantage of the ever growing data sources and number of applications.
Data Integration
Is the data that you need every day distributed across multiple systems? Are you continually making mistakes when copy and pasting data in Excel? Wouldn't it be great when you could find the data that you need, simply, quickly and up-to-date in a single place? This dream can come quickly and cost effectively true.
Data Quality
Are you loosing valuable time because you're not sure that your data are correct? Are incomplete datasets, double entries and unknown data sources crippling your efficiency through unneeded and time consuming research? Read on below, PRODYNA and Talend can help you.
Master Data Management
Do you have multiple data pools and are fed up with maintaining both? Have you acquired a company and want to merge both data sets? PRODYNA and Talend can help you: data integration, data quality, data profiling, data mastering and data governance lead to a 'Single Point of Truth'.
Do you have applications that consume data from multiple backend systems? Do you have high demands on data messaging and data exchange? Do you need to integrate a mix of on-premise and cloud applications? PRODYNA and Talend can help you with an Enterprise Service Bus.